Design your own musical experience – from a rollicking music festival to full-on family reunion. 

Children naturally love music. Catch one of Fiddle Dee Dee's interactive shows or learn more about private music lessons.

Gain more flow, ease and flexibility in movement and self-expression. 

Play with Music

Rediscover the joy of music at a beautifully situated retreat center or on a river in the wilderness.

Every human being is innately musical. 


If somewhere along the way you got the idea that you’re not musical, or if you feel frustrated in your ability to express musically, you innocently inherited some somebody else’s confusion. 


It is everyone’s birthright to enjoy music and the discovery their own unique musical expression. If you love music you can make music. The path back to greater musical and life enjoyment is through play, through what makes you smile and laugh, through was feels fun and pleasurable.


Often even very experienced and skilled musicians hold concepts about themselves and their music that interfere with their enjoyment of their own music and their full creative capacity.  


Kevin Cassity has spent his entire life teaching in one capacity or another, and through his Playful World retreats and trips, you can reclaim the joy of music: Whether it's taking in an interactive children's show with your kids, signing up for private lessons, or planning a retreat in a beautiful natural setting.  KEVIN'S BIO