Retreats are about reclaiming the playful aspects of music, the fun of music.  Discover, reclaim, and increase confidence in your musical ability, your unique musical gifts and take pleasure in self-expression. 

Travel to a beautifully situated retreat center or river winding through some of the most beautiful wilderness corridors in the United States. Enjoy recreational activities, healthy meals, private music lessons and Feldenkrais lessons during the daytime.  In the evenings, take part in jam sessions and social time.


Retreats are open to all level players and especially to those who have no musical experience at all.  In the evening jams, beginning players and more skilled players learn to play together and each find their own enjoyable level of challenge and fun within the same piece of music. Retreats can be a great way for families   to learn skills to play music together.



Retreat offerings for summer and fall of 2018 are in the planning stages. Submit your email address on our contact page for updates, and let us know in the comments if you have a particular destination or travel dates in mind.