Around 1980, walking around Seattle, I happened across a flyer on natural vision recovery that would change my life.   I had 20/400 vision in both eyes and astigmatism at the time.

The flyer led me to Paul Anderson, who taught natural vision recovery based on the work of Opthamologist William Bates.  

In my first session with Paul, I sensed that what he was telling me and showing me was not only accurate, but brilliant, and he knew it from his own experience.   In that session I had my first, brief experience of seeing 20/20.

Paul's understanding of Bates was very deep and out of the mainstream, even among people who study and teach Bates. Paul understood Bates to be saying that the core cause of poor vision is mental strain, an idea that was ridiculed during Bates' lifetime and up until the present by members of his own profession.


Recent breakthroughs in the study of neuroplasticity, are now bearing out Bates' brilliant insights into how vision works.   90% vision happens in the brain and only 10% in the eyes.  Schools of ophthalmology still haven't caught up.

Paul described and demonstrated the un-strained nature of the mind (open, receptive, poised) so beautifully that it became the inspiration for my own vision recovery practice and releasing strain to the point that I began to have regular and  extended periods of 20/20 eyesight myself and experience many other unexpected benefits of recovering a more open, clear, unstrained mind .


I have begun to write a book about how I did this and my suggestions for others who want to do it.  I have also started a YouTube channel on vision recovery.    I am distilling 30 years of experience and quite a bit of new and emerging science, and it may take me  some time to get this information out via YouTube and my book. I do this in my spare time, making my living primarily as a music teacher (you'll notice if you look around the rest of the website).

Meanwhile, I plan to offer a tele seminar to share the core practices for vision recovery and answer specific questions that participants have.  I also offer private sessions by phone or Skype.

If you're interested in either the tele seminar or private sessions feel free to message me on the contact page of this website.   If you leave an email and indicate an interest in the tele seminar I will send out more details on that as I get it organized.